If you have bleeding gums, or feel pain or even discomfort in your gums, you may have periodontal disease.


We’re learning more about this common infection all the time, and I wanted to pass along some of the latest findings. It should help you understand why I think it’s so important that we take action together to eliminate gum disease – the sooner the better.

Some patients think sore gums aren’t as critical as tooth decay, but that’s just not true. Gum disease begins was a moinor infection, and if it doesn’t show signs of stabilizing it is bound to get worse. Left untreated, sore gums and minor infections can eventually result in tooth loss and much more pain and discomfort. Gum disease can also affect your body’s other systems and cause health problems in other ways.


In the early stages, known as gingivitis, the gums may be tender as little bacteria pockets form between your teeth and gums. The disease is very treatable at this pint, but if the infected pockets are allowed to spread, this infection extends to the bond beneath, which begins to erode.

There’s another reason to take gum disease and minor and major gum discomfort seriously: The Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA) reported on a study of non-smokers in whom researchers found that gum disease was a stronger risk for heart disease than high cholesterol or high blood pressure. That’s pretty astounding, and these findings show how important it is to catch things early – and then take care of them!

As your dentist, my concern for your health doesn’t stop with your teeth. That’s why I think its important for those suffering from gum disease to have it treated right away and when you find out. Also, let us know if you are being treated for heart disease. Your soreness could be anything really, and if it’s just some food caught beneath the gum line, wouldn’t you like to know it’s not gum disease or something more serious? Get a check-up if you feel anything unusual around your gums, gum line and teeth. Stay healthy!


Good family economics is good dentistry. We’ll do our part by helping you with flexible payments. For patients who qualify, we’ll arrange a personal financial plan for your care. There are many options available. If you’re insured, most plans cover 50-60% of dental procedures and preventative maintenance while some even provide 80% financial protection, so it just doesn’t make sense to wait until it costs more!

“Don’t hesitate to contact us about any concerns you may have about your next visit! My staff and I are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about any other dental or safety procedures.”

— Dr. Harold Perlaza, Sherman Oaks Dentistry – Where Smiles Change Every Day™

P.S. Please be sure to have your friends or family mention your name so that we can personally thank you for introducing them to us and our practice. We’re happy to help any family members or friends to continue their path towards healthy teeth & gums.