You would be surprised to know how much the color of your tongue tells about your oral health. People usually don’t pay enough attention to the changes happening inside their mouths. If you notice that the color of your tongue is not normal or if it has changed, keep reading and find out if it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Pink Tongue

If you look in a mirror and check the color of your tongue, and you notice the color is pink, you have nothing to worry about. That means that your mouth is healthy, and you most likely have good oral health habits.

Black Tongue

A black tongue does not always mean that you have poor oral hygiene; it could also mean that you are under some medication, taking any radiation therapy,  have diabetes or HIV in a few cases. Some people that consume tobacco daily tend to get a dark color on their tongue. 

If you notice a black color in your tongue and none of the above reasons is your case, no worries, maybe you just drank or ate something dark that caused it to turn that color temporarily.

White Tongue

If you see that your tongue is white in some areas or the entire tongue, it could be something more serious. A white tongue usually means a fungal infection, leukoplakia (which is a condition that generates spots or white patches in your mouth), or lichen planus (which is an inflammatory ongoing chronic condition that often causes pain, burning, and discomfort).

Purple Tongue

The more rare the color of your tongue, the more dangerous the meaning could be. If you see that your tongue is getting purple, it might be due to a heart condition or poor blood circulation. A purple tongue in sporadic cases could also be a symptom of Kawasaki disease, which is an illness that causes blood vessels to become inflamed. 

If you start noticing your tongue getting purple, you should be scheduling an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. Sherman Oak Dentistry offers same-day and walk-in emergency appointments; if you are very concerned, you can give us a call. 

Red Tongue

A red tongue could mean a vitamin B deficiency, an allergic reaction, glossitis (normally caused as an allergic reaction to oral care products, medicine, or some type of food), and injuries (such as burns, poorly fitting dentures, rough teeth). 

Yellow Tongue

If you notice that your tongue has turned into a yellowish color, it might be due to different factors; one of them, of course, is oral hygiene. Oral hygiene plays an essential role when it comes to oral health. Make sure to create oral health habits in your life to avoid getting your tongue sick. 

Another factor that might cause your tongue to get a yellow color is conditions like eczema and jaundice, which is a condition that happens when the bile duct gets obstructed. 

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