Root canals  can be painful, even while using anesthesia, so the recovery process is a must to avoid any possible pain. If you recently got a root canal, you must follow procedures and aftercare to ensure healthy teeth and a proper recovery with excellent results. That’s why you should follow  your dentist’s recommendations. 

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Don’t Eat Meals  That Require Chewing

After you get your root canal, your teeth are sensitive and more prone to bacteria. Every expert recommends the following: don’t eat meals you must chew. Also, it would help if you didn’t drink anything hot or chewable because you risk biting too hard on a tooth or burning your mouth.


  • Eat meals that don’t require chewing – soups or fruit. If you do, make sure you eat with the side of your mouth that did not undergo the root canal procedure.
  • Take medication to ease possible pain and numbness.
  • Be extremely careful once you brush your teeth.

Don’t Avoid Dentistry Visits

Something you must keep in mind is that root canals are temporary, so you need checkups. Root canals are what you get before a permanent dental crown. Therefore, a dentist needs to evaluate your teeth and how you’re reacting to your root canal. Plus, during dentistry visits, you get cleanups – in case your teeth get damaged.


  • Don’t skip any dental appointments.
  • Make sure you tell your dentist how you’re feeling regarding your root canal.
  • Do you think a crown would be better right away?
  • Do you think it may be infected?
  • Are you feeling any pain?

Don’t Brush & Floss Right Away

Right after you get a root canal, it’s best if you don’t brush and floss your teeth immediately.  The last thing you want is to damage the newly repaired teeth.


  • Don’t floss after you get your procedure; wait a few days.
  • If you decide to brush and floss your teeth, be careful. 
  • Try to avoid touching the newly repaired area.
  • Don’t brush your teeth harshly. Be gentle.

Sherman Oaks Dentistry Experts Can Help

If you sense any damage, pain, or numbness for too long after getting your root canal, you should consider calling Sherman Oaks Dentistry. Our dental specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have. Our services are available in case of any dental emergency. Don’t let your teeth get damaged, call the experts today.