Have you ever wanted your smile whiter?

At Sherman Oaks Dentistry, we can whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter using our in-office whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patients with brighter smiles feel more confident in social situations. Your smile is the first thing most people see, and a whiter smile gives them more to notice.

After your tooth bleaching, you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel and the way you act. Teeth whitening can contribute to your well-being and overall quality of life and happiness. Now with Boost we can whiten your teeth faster than ever.

At home whitening treatments can take weeks, and other whitening treatments often require more than one application. With Boost Whitening, we can whiten teeth in one short appointment. You can walk out of our office with a brighter smile that shines in an hour or less. Our Boost Whitening can give you all of the teeth whitening benefits and a smile up to eight shades lighter in less time.

white teeth

Our Boost tooth bleaching procedure is simple.

  • First we will cover your mouth and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed.
  • Next we will paint the special peroxide treatment directly over your teeth.
  • Our Boost treatment comes with a special light that helps whiten teeth faster and more effectively.
  • After your teeth are whitened, you can walk out of the office that day with a bright, beautiful smile.

Dr. Perlaza is our top cosmetic dentist who specializes in giving his patients smiles they love, and excuses to smile more. Boost is a safe, efficient, and effective way to whiten teeth. Dr. Perlaza is a compassionate professional who looks forward to providing you with a smile that shines. He is excited to get started on your smile makeover and make a meaningful positive difference in your life and your happiness.

To find out more about our safe teeth whitening procedure, contact our office.