Misty had a broken tooth, #10. Her baby hit her on the mouth. We repaired her tooth with veneers.


Raquel was reluctant to smile because of dark yellow teeth and stained fillings. We used a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers to restore her smile.


Oscar always wanted to close gap in his front teeth, had a lot of wear do to clenching and grinding but the fear of coming to the dentist kept him from doing it. Oscar felt really comfortable with Dr. Perlaza and decide to go for the change. With porcelain crowns we were able to achieved patient desires.



Michal never smiled and became an introverted person becaused of her teerth. She was told in another country that nothing could be done to improve her smile. With periodontal therapy that involved osseous surgery, soft tissue recontouring and porcelain crowns, Dr Perlaza designed a beautiful smile. Now Michal is a very happy person, talkative and loves to smile.



Rodrigo was conscious about the wear on his front teeth and the over all position of his teeth. At times he would cover his smile with his hand. With porcelain veneers Dr. Perlaza was able to give Rodrigo a natural and younger looking smile.


Sergio always wanted a better smile, but became more aware of his appearance when he was promoted at work. That’s when he decided to do something to improve his smile. With a combination of metal free crowns and veneers, Dr. Perlaza gave Sergio an attractive and natural looking smile.



Leora always wanted a more even and brighter smile but refused to wear braces. With porcelain veneers, Dr. Perlaza was able to give Leora a straight and bright smile.


Tooth #30 had to be extracted due to a failed root canal, and patient did not want to involve the surrounding teeth with a 3-unit bridge. With a dental implant and a crown over the implant, Dr. Perlaza was able to give the patient natural looking tooth and adequate bite.



Alvaro came in with a chief complaint of two prominent upper front teeth. He disliked the color of his crowns and the unevenness of his teeth. With periodontal therapy that involved clinical crown lengthening and a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns we were able to restore his smile. Alvaro was completely satisfied with his new look that he then returned to have a full mouth reconstruction to improve and enhance his smile. He always smiles now and is constantly getting compliments on how nice his teeth look.



Carmen wanted to close the gap in between her teeth. She was not happy with the dark area around her gumline and the open space on her anterior teeth. With Periodontal therapy that involved clinical crown lengthening and crowns we were able to close the diastema and restore her smile. Carmen transformation was such a success, needless to say, she is quite happy and smiles more than ever.


Kate had chipped and broken down teeth she was afraid to smile and she had fear to change. She didn’t know how she would handle the procedure and if she would like her new teeth. With Porcelain crowns we were able to give her a beautiful smile. Her friends keep telling her how great she looks and she is not afraid to smile anymore. Kate had her six (6) front teeth done to enhance her smile, Kate is very satisfied she is even considering doing the rest of her teeth.