Your smile can open doors for you or keep them closed. Jobs, love, promotions – every first impression and every opportunity begins, or ends, with your smile. No matter how sharp your suit or how perfect your makeup, missing teeth tell a story all their own… a story that’s open for interpretation. A straight, beautiful smile makes you look smart, wealthy, healthy, and happy – the opposite is true when there are spaces in your smile.

What’s Behind Your Missing Teeth?

People may be missing teeth for a variety of reasons, from an accident to an injury, periodontal disease to advanced age. The reason behind the missing teeth is relevant. If your gums and overall oral health are not intact, this is a problem that needs to be addressed before missing teeth can be replaced. Loose teeth in particular are a sign of gum disease and this sensitivity will ultimately lead to multiple missing teeth if not cared for quickly.

Side Effects of Missing Teeth

It may seem that one missing tooth isn’t a big deal, but there are many side effects from gaps in your smile. Physically, of course, your smile is altered by one or more black holes. Mentally, you may be embarrassed to smile, which will impact how people perceive you. In addition, not smiling may make you seem like an unhappy person or someone who has something to hide. Logistically, missing teeth can make it difficult to chew and impact the integrity of your oral health as a whole.

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The #1 Solution for Missing Teeth

The most popular and secure solution for missing teeth is dental implants. This cosmetic and restorative repair permanently replaces missing teeth by replacing the root of the tooth and providing a base for a prosthetic. Tissue grows around the implant, eliminating the bone deterioration that can accompany tooth loss and lead to a “sunken” appearance. Natural tooth function is also a benefit of dental implants, enabling the recipient to chew with confidence and speak more clearly and, most of all, be happy because of their secure white smile.

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