About Dr. Gegamian

Dr. Samuel Gegamian is the Endodontist at Studio City Dental Group. Dr. Gegamian graduated from Boston University Dental School in 2004. He also completed a one-year advanced educated in general dentistry from the University of the Pacific in 2005.

From 2005 till 2010 Dr. Gegamian practiced general dentistry, but he enjoyed endodontic procedures most of all and was very good at it.

He returned to Boston University in 2010 and completed a 2-year endodontic specialty program. Since then he was practicing as an Endodontist in Boston. At the end of 2018, Dr Gegamian moved to California and joined Studio City Dental Group.

Dr. Gegamian lives with his wife and child. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, practicing guitar, and reading.

dr samuel gegamian