Brides and grooms spend months planning their wedding day – ordering flowers, putting together a song list, choosing a cake, the list is endless. They may also spend a good chunk of that time trying to lose weight to fit into their gown or tux, because everyone wants to look their best on the day they say, “I do,” right? Well, it’s also time to ask yourself if your smile is ready for the hundreds of photos that are about to be taken of you.

No one wants to look back at their wedding pictures and think, “Good grief, look at my awful teeth.” You want to remember that day as the day that you looked your very best – happy, healthy, and in love. But if you’ve got a tight-lipped smile or if you’re not smiling at all, you certainly won’t appear happy in your photos.

And it’s not just pictures that you have to think about for your wedding day. You’ll be greeting and chatting with guests all day – are you prepared for their reactions to your broken-down smile? Even though you might be able to conceal bad teeth in photos, it’s going to be a challenge to keep them on the down-low when you’re face-to-face with people.

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Get Your Smile Wedding-Ready

So what’s the solution to your smile woes? There are plenty of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be completed, many in as few as two visits to the dentist, before your wedding day rolls around.

  • Missing teeth? Dental implants are the best option for a secure, natural-looking smile.
  • Cracks or chips? Porcelain veneers or Lumineers can cover up any unsightly imperfections in your smile.
  • Stained teeth? Whether it’s those all-nighters with coffee or long romantic dates with bottle after bottle of wine that has altered the color of your teeth, professional in-office teeth whitening will revitalize your smile in an hour.

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The Gift of a Smile

Hosting a pampering weekend in exchange for a bachelorette bash with your wedding party? Along with those massages and facials, why not make sure your best ladies (or men) are photo-ready too by making a teeth whitening appointment part of their gift?  

Remember, the wedding isn’t just about the day, it’s about a lifetime. Get off on the right foot with a boost of confidence when you get a smile makeover that’ll last. No matter how many anniversaries come and go, you’ll still be grinning about your wedding day. Contact Sherman Oaks Dentistry to learn about our new patient special and consult with Dr. Harold Perlaza about the cosmetic dentistry procedures that can give you a dazzling white smile.