Keeping your mouth clean is important to avoid dental decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes minimum is the key to maintaining good oral hygiene. But is mouthwash necessary in this process, or just a healthy extra step? Let’s start by exploring what mouthwash does and its benefits.

What is Mouthwash?

Mouthwash, or mouth rinse, is a liquid used for rinsing your mouth, generally after you brush your teeth. It’s available in different flavors and colors and can be easily found in any drugstore.

Besides giving you a fresh feeling and whitening your teeth, mouthwash reduces the bacteria in your mouth and helps prevent periodontal disease. Including mouthwash in your daily routine is a good idea. However, if you’re following all the regular cleaning procedures such as brushing your teeth and flossing, then the use of mouthwash is not strictly necessary.

Why Does Mouthwash Burn? 

So, why does mouthwash burn? This is a very common question. It’s no surprise that for some people, mouth washing, rather than being a refreshing experience, is painful and annoying due to the “burning” part. 

The most popular reason is the use of alcohol as a mouthwash ingredient. However, it also depends on your oral sensibility and conditions, like allergies, that won’t allow you to tolerate some elements. 

Not all mouthwashes burn. Most of the leading mouthwash brands agree there’s no need to use alcohol as part of mouthwash ingredients to have an effective product. Rinses that don’t contain alcohol are more gentle to your tongue, gums, and mouth. But your sensibility is always an important factor when trying to find the perfect oral rinse. 

Dos and Don’ts of Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash can also be very painful if you don’t know how to use it properly. Let’s go over some dos and don’ts of using mouthwash:

DO Swish With Mouthwash for 30 to 60 Seconds 

If you swish the mouthwash for less than 30 seconds, it’s probably not going to be as effective as you wish nor give you additional benefits. It’s important to make sure you’re following the proper product instructions. 

DON’T Swallow the Product

Due to the mouthwash ingredients, the ingestion of this product can be poisonous. Mouth rinses are meant to be spit out, so keep in mind that they can be a dangerous product and must be kept away from children. 

DO Use the Recommended Amount in the Instructions

Usually, every bottle comes with its cup, so you can measure the quantity of mouthwash you’re going to use. However, if you prefer using your cup, the recommended amount is typically only 4-5 teaspoons.

DON’T Substitute Brushing and Flossing for Mouthwash

Remember that nothing can replace good old brushing and flossing, as these are essential to keep your mouth healthy. Mouth washing should be a complement to make sure there’s no bacteria left and to wash away any plaque or particles. 

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