From time to time, certain parts of your body may require a bit more attention to keep them in good working order. This includes your teeth and gums. Tolerating oral health problems isn’t the right plan of attack – it may be time to upgrade your old dental work.

After years of use, metal fillings may fall out, old bridgework may deteriorate, crowns may crack, or you may be suffering with ill-fitting dentures. Any of these dental issues can interfere with the most basic functions: speaking, eating, and smiling. Not to mention, if dental work starts to show its age, you will too. A crumbling smile can make a person look unhealthy and much older than they actually are.

How to Get a Secure Smile

If you’re tired of worrying about the solidity of your teeth when you laugh heartily, dig into dinner, or when you’re simply talking shop with a coworker or client, there is a popular new solution that will safeguard your smile: dental implants.

Dental implants are a smart alternative to dentures and they are a permanent solution for someone who has missing teeth. Implants consist of a titanium post implanted into the gum and a crown or other dental prosthetic is attached to ensure that your teeth aren’t going anywhere. Implants also secure against further deterioration by supporting the jawbone where the implant is placed.

Give Your Smile a New Look

If you’re coveting a natural-looking, white smile, porcelain veneers or lumineers are highly sought after options. Veneers and lumineers change the look and shape of your smile so that your grin is symmetrical, straight, beautiful, and complementary to the rest of your face. With porcelain veneers – with any cosmetic dentistry procedure – your smile is customized to suit you and only you.

You Can Change Your Smile

The biggest worry when it comes to a less-than-secure smile is that one little move can compromise the tentative hold your gums have on old dental work. And this fear can impact your quality of life, put a dent in your self-esteem, and turn any social event into a miserable experience. You do your best and feel your best when you know that you look good. It’s time to get back on top and correct what’s wrong with your smile before it takes anything else away from your quality of life.

Contact Sherman Oaks Dentistry to learn about our new patient special and consult with Dr. Harold Perlaza about what can be done regarding your old dental work. With today’s modern methods and materials, you can get a smile makeover that will last a very long time.