Caring And Compassionate Dental Services

Have you ever wanted to find a dentist in Encino that offers every type of care and treatment service so you and your family could have all of your dental needs taken care of in one place? Well, now you can at Sherman Oaks Dentistry. Our team of dental specialists and staff members values the smile of every patient that walks in our office. As professionals, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our patients aesthetically, emotionally, and medically. Most importantly, you and your family can benefit from the most comprehensive line of dental services – all under one roof.

We ensure that your issues are diagnosed, treated and cured within the shortest possible time. It is essential to work with a host of gum and teeth specialists to get that perfect smile and healthy teeth. And we have some of the most experienced dentists in the city.

At Sherman Oaks Dentistry, our caring and compassionate staff understands all of your dental needs whether you come to us for a regular check-up, to restore your smile, or because you are suffering with a painful condition. Our in-house team of dental professionals and specialists is committed to helping you maintain your oral health and keep you smiling. Along with our full range of dental services, we provide the personalized attention that you are looking for, where the care of your gums and teeth are concerned. Additionally, we work with a host of insurance companies, so you never have to worry about cost.

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A Word About Our Services

Along with the superior dental products and treatments we provide, we pride ourselves on the superior line of dental services that we offer including:

  • Clear Correct braces – Why be burdened with uncomfortable metal braces and the discomfort they cause when you can still experience functionality, while enjoying the foods you love and straightening your teeth at the same time. Learn more about dental braces or dental aligners.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – Your cosmetic needs are treatable right here with an Encino dentist at Sherman Oaks Dentistry. Feel confident about your smile again, thanks to the cosmetic dental services we provide, including Clear Correct braces, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and a number of other procedures and treatments.
  • Dental Implants – Considered the ideal long-term alternative to dentures, our dental implants can be seamlessly integrated with your natural teeth in order to improve your jaw strength and restore functionality. Learn more about dental implants.
  • General and family dentistry – Have all of your and your family’s dental needs cared for under one roof here at Sherman Oaks Dentistry so that you can enjoy clean and healthy smiles for many years to come. Contact a Family Dentist now. 
  • Periodontal disease treatment – Over 50% of American adults suffer with gum disease and related issues. To prevent them from becoming more serious problems have them treated by your skilled Encino dentist, on staff at Sherman Oaks Dentistry. Learn more here.

Patient care is our #1 priority, but it is the extensive dental services above that set our practice apart from any other dental practice and dentist in Encino.

It’s About Trust, Care And Affordability

Since establishing our practice, the Sherman Oaks Dentistry staff has dedicated itself to practicing the most conservative and preventative dentistry in the industry today. But most importantly, our practice is based on the three (3) elements of trust, care, and affordability:

TRUST – Our professional team is comprised of dental specialists and a skilled support staff of trusted individuals. We are here to ensure your comfort and that you have the most pleasant dental experience possible when visiting our Encino dentist and staff. We know that modern technology is required in order to restore a healthy smile and strengthen your teeth in the process. It’s all about paying attention to all the details and utilizing a comprehensive approach to modern dentistry.

CARING – Not only are we committed to the care and treatment of our patients, we care about each one just like we would our own family members. When you visit a dentist in Encino, you want to have a dental experience that is worth sharing with your family and friends. Sherman Oaks Dentistry goes above and beyond what is required to ensure every patient’s comfort. Consequently, we designed our office with a patient’s experience for care and compassion in mind; as well as a dental environment, built on healthy living and positive energy.

AFFORDABILITY – We combine a conservative, healthy approach to dentistry by placing an emphasis the patient’s comfort and needs. We do not pressure anyone into treatment. In fact, once we make our diagnosis, and explain the healthiest options for you, you will be able to make a well-informed decision by yourself. No matter what, Sherman Oaks Dentistry will support your decision.

Call us today to know more about the dental plans and services we offer. We’ll be glad to assist you with dental, cosmetic and periodontal services at the most affordable rates.