You might think that exercise is just monotonous and boring, and hard to do all the time, and just becomes rote after a while, but have you tried Yoga? Yoga can benefit you and your body’s well-being in many many ways you wouldn’t think of, and it’s multitude of poses and focus on self improvement can keep you interested in excercise, and provide results you wouldn’t see otherwise. At Sherman Oaks Dentistry, we know that a healthy mind and body mean a happy smile, so consider doing Yoga for your own peace of mind and continued health.

Want to sleep better? Skip the next cold that’s coming around? Breathe better, lower your blood pressure or reduce aches and pains? Try Yoga!! These are only a few of the health benefits Yoga can provide.

Improve your flexibility: Can you touch your toes? If you can’t, you need to stretch, and probably haven’t been stretching. Tightening of your hamstrings and tight hips can lead to less flexibility and knee pain and lower back pain because the lumbar spine can flatten out and knee joints become misaligned.


Build muscle strength; Get better posture: Arthritis, back pain and other conditions can also be assuaged by better muscle tone, in turn helping connective tissues and circulation provide your body with more of what it needs. Back and neck problems can be due to poor posture; when you’re slumping, your muscles are straining to keep your head up when it’s leaning forward and not aligned properly with your spine, causing fatigue and stress.

Better cartilage, spine and bone health: Working your body and joints through full ranges of motion gets nutrients and blood flow where their needed. Also, Yoga makes you work your bones and regenerate tissue because they experience more weight and are trained to grow stronger.

Increases blood flow; drains lymphs and boosts immunity: When you move your muscles well they will contract and stretch the way they should which can also help your lymphatic system provide more of it’s benefits to more of your body instead of getting trapped or limited in range. Toxic waste is better disposed, and circulation is improved, thus improving oxygenation and also reducing risks of clotting and heart attacks and strokes.

Aerobic benefits and lower blood pressure: Yoga elevates your heart rate and provides excellent aerobic benefits which in turn lowers risks of heart disease and improves cardiovascular conditioning. You will experience increased endurance and aerobic conditioning.

Makes you happier: Some studies show that a consistent Yoga practice can improve depression and lead to higher serotonin levels as well as better neural health and better immune function. Healthy makes you Happy. Make that your mantra.


There are so many more reasons to consider Yoga for your mental and dental health and your body’s well-being. Sleep deeper, release tension, ease your breathing, get peace of mind, and increase self-esteem. Ease your pain, gain inner strength, keep allergies and viruses away and be generally less clumsy and more sure of foot and physically and mentally balanced.

Get out there and try Yoga today or at least exercise more, take longer walks, do breathing exercises and focus on trying to stretch more often. On your lunch break, or even before or after work, stretch long and tall towards the ceiling, take a few deep breaths, tune out all the noise then reach for your toes and up and do a couple long twists. How much better do you feel? Probably pretty good. Now you can imagine a lot more.