There have been many breakthroughs in technology that translate into amazing changes in today’s modern dentistry,

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…one of which is that Sherman Oaks Dentistry no longer uses amalgams (silver fillings), but instead offers white, or tooth-colored fillings that look and feel just like your real teeth. In the old days, and even at some practices today, patients would only get very visible, ugly, cold metal fillings that also tasted like metal. Well, no longer! At our practice, we exclusively use composites, a white material that hardens in place when cured with UV light. Composites can also be known as white fillings or tooth-colored fillings. No one would ever know you had a filling, because it looks just like your teeth. People wouldn’t even know they’re in your mouth. Composites have much better aesthetics, and they don’t cause any odd tastes, and they also feel as smooth as your natural teeth. Our tooth colored fillings completely blend in with your natural teeth and replicate their regular translucence and brightness. Our fillings can help end tooth decay and protect your teeth from future cavities. Contact us today and find out more about our affordable Sherman Oaks Dentistry composite fillings. Find out more about our general dentistry here. Use our Contact Us app to the right.