Clear Correct Braces

Some patients who want straight teeth hold off because they don’t like the appearance of metal braces. With our clear correct braces, you can get beautiful, straight, teeth without metal braces. Clear correct braces are completely invisible. They are made with a clear plastic that goes directly over your teeth.

Clear correct clear braces have no wires or brackets. They fit comfortably in your mouth and can be removed. With metal braces some foods get stuck or are recommended against because of the braces. With clear correct braces, you can still enjoy all the foods you love.

The Clear Correct Advantage

Our clear braces are perfectly fitted for each individual patient. While you’re wearing the clear correct braces people won’t be able to tell because the plastic is completely clear and makes the braces invisible. Because the clear braces are individually fitted, they are more comfortable and easy to wear.

straight teeth
clearcorrect braces

Here are some of the advantages of Clear Correct braces:

  • Practically invisible: Because plastic braces are clear, they match the color of your teeth, making them harder to spot.
  • More comfortable: Metal doesn’t feel very good against inner cheeks. Plastic won’t cut and scratch. Plastic is definitely more comfortable.
  • Easier to take of: Clear Correct braces can be taken out so you can better clean your teeth.

Clear correct braces use a series of aligners to straighten your teeth. As your teeth straighten, you will change aligners to match until gradually your teeth become completely straight.

Our clear braces are convenient for our patients because they don’t have to change their brushing or flossing routines. Before a patient brushes their teeth or flosses, they can simply remove the clear correct aligners and brush and floss normally.

Straight teeth can have a positive impact on your oral health and your confidence. With Clear Correct you can feel confident in your social situations before the braces even come off, and don’t have to deal with any of the negative effects commonly associated with metal braces.