Why is it so gross to skip brushing my teeth at night?

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Gross Teeth

Q: Exactly how gross is it if I forget to brush my teeth before bed every once in a while (or habitually)? A: Good News: You just got 2 min extra sleep and have time-travelled into the future and saved on toothpaste and water. You’re a natural born conservationist. A: Bad News: You want a…

Composites – Tooth-Colored Fillings

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There have been many breakthroughs in technology that translate into amazing changes in today’s modern dentistry, …one of which is that Sherman Oaks Dentistry no longer uses amalgams (silver fillings), but instead offers white, or tooth-colored fillings that look and feel just like your real teeth. In the old days, and even at some practices…

7 Advantages of Getting Dental Implants


You might consider dental implants as a modern alternative to bridges or dentures, which used to be the only solution for missing teeth. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss due to injury or even tooth decay and gingivitis. If you are suffering from an extreme case where you experience whole tooth loss, then dental…

7 Little Known Facts About Sleep Apnea

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Dr Perlaza fitting a patient with a sleep apnea device

One fact is that it may be disguised as symptoms of depression, fatigue, or other symptoms… Do you notice yourself or your significant other tossing and turning, or snoring, or waking once or more in the middle of the night? It may be because of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), especially if any one of these…

Happy Fourth of July !!


Holiday Dental Safety and Care The Fourth of July weekend is one of the most popular holidays to get together and celebrate with friends and family. Independence Day is quite the celebration, and always includes fireworks, gatherings, events, parades, freely flowing beverages, and every food you can imagine. As you gear up to partake in…

10 False Myths About Root Canals

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Do you just want to cringe when you’re told you need a root canal? Well don’t worry; they’re not as bad as they once were, and today they are much less painful and completely manageable. Don’t worry; be happy! A Root Canal is a serious procedure, but it can be managed and performed just as…