Dental Emergency

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Do You Know What To Do For A Dental Emergency? Dental emergencies usually involve pain, but at the very least, they’re uncomfortable. Whether it’s excruciating or just slightly annoying, you want the problem to be taken care of immediately. But what to do if you experience a dental emergency? First, it’s important to keep your […]

Infection Control Practices and Cleanliness

Dear patients, Many patients ask and wonder about cleanliness at their dental office, and some express concerns that in today’s world, they worry about the cleanliness and safeness of places they visit, particularly dental and medical offices, and their sterilization and cleanliness procedures. My staff and I want to put your minds at ease and […]

Dentures: Don’t Get Caught in a Myth!

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 Regular dental care is important for everyone; whether you are maintaining your natural teeth or your natural-looking dentures. For years though, the myths about dentures have kept many people from getting the regular preventive care they need and deserve. We’d like to set the record straight, as well as let you know a denture wearer’s […]

5 Reasons You Should Get Digital X-Rays and See a Modern Dentist

If you’re still going to a dentist who takes film X-Rays, you’re not getting any of the benefits of modern dentistry! The use of digital X-Rays, or radiography, greatly increases a dentist’s ability to evaluate the health of your teeth in record time. Not only can a dentist like Dr. Perlaza, who uses the latest […]

Bio-Hazard and Biomedical Materials Handling

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Young dentist giving a treatment to her patient

Our patients may have noticed the bio-hazard or biomedical waste symbol during visits to the office. It may be scary or intimidating at first, but you’ll see why we’re actually proud of it!  It is a badge that represents our commitment to your continued good health, the health of our staff, and the protection of […]

Dental Implants – What Do I Need to Know?

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Dental implants are the modern alternative to bridges or dentures, which used to be the only solution for missing teeth. Tooth loss due to injury, or even tooth decay and gingivitis affect millions of Americans every year. If you suffer from whole tooth loss, then dental implants are the most modern and natural tooth replacement […]