Dental Crowns & Bridges In Sherman Oaks, Ca

Dental crowns are caps or coverings that can go over damaged teeth to protect them and save them from future damage. A dental crown is a great tool for saving your teeth, and protecting the tooth root, even if the tooth has sustained significant damage or decay.

Our dental crowns are made out of a fine porcelain and look and feel completely natural. The porcelain crowns perfectly mimic the color and natural translucence of your teeth. People you meet won’t be able to tell you’re wearing a dental crown, and you will be able to give your tooth a longer and healthier life.

Dental bridges can be created using teeth crowns to fill or fix a gap left by a missing tooth. Dental bridges are created using three porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are attached to the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth. A third porcelain crown is attached in between the other two crowns to take the place of your lost tooth so that you can chew, speak, and smile normally.

With a dental bridge, you can get your full smile back and enjoy the activities that were affected by your tooth loss.

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All of our teeth crowns and bridges are expertly crafted and tailored for each individual patient. The dental crown or dental bridge procedure can be completed in just two appointments.

  • During your first appointment, your tooth or teeth will be prepped for the crowns and molds will be taken of your teeth.
  • Your teeth will be fitted with temporary crowns while the molds are taken to a lab. Using the mold, the lab will create your beautiful, permanent, porcelain crowns.
  • At your second appointment, Dr. Perlaza will remove the temporary crown and place your permanent crown, or crowns.

Dental crowns and dental bridges in Sherman Oaks, CA are a great restorative dentistry procedure that provides beautiful cosmetic benefits. Dr. Perlaza is a trained and compassionate professional who cares about his patients and wants them to enjoy the best possible oral health. Using his dental crowns, Dr. Perlaza can protect teeth and provide joy to those who have lost their teeth due to misfortune or damage.

To find out more about our Sherman Oaks teeth crowns or dental bridges, contact our office.