Close-up  portrait of a young woman wearing glasses

Who hasn’t entertained the thought that life would be vastly improved if only you had more money, more friends, fewer wrinkles? Turns out, a smile makeover can help you achieve these wants, and then some – a new smile can change your life both professionally and socially.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that looks matter. Having a beautiful, healthy smile can help you get ahead, get noticed, land the date, secure the promotion, or just take a nice passport photo (after all, you’re going to be living with that thing for a decade). Not convinced? Consider these scenarios:

  • You’re a lawyer, realtor, salesperson – are you more persuasive and trustworthy when you have a tight-lipped, self-conscious grimace or when you flash a confident white smile?
  • You’re a hair stylist and your job is to make people look good, but how good do you feel about yourself and how will others perceive you if you’re barely smiling because you’re embarrassed by your teeth?
  • Dating life not going as well as you’d like? Maybe your smile is to blame. Are you exuding confidence and sex appeal if the first thing people notice about you is missing or stained teeth? Not exactly kissable material…
  • Continuing to get overlooked for a promotion you believe you’ve earned? Could be your direct competitor is getting the career boost because they’re not living with a broken-down smile.
  • Have no desire to get plastic surgery but wish you could do something about the wrinkles and sagging on your face? Cosmetic dentistry can correct flaws in your smile while revitalizing your entire face and recapturing a youthful appearance.

Ultimately, your smile is a symbol of who you are. Your teeth can say, “I take care of myself, I am healthy and take pride in my appearance.” There are plenty of options to correct any oral health problems you may be experiencing:

  • Suffering with uncomfortable dentures? Dental implants are a more secure, permanent solution that replaces the root of your missing teeth, thereby reinforcing the foundation of your smile as a whole while also giving you a base for natural-looking prosthetics.
  • Unattractive gaps, gummy smile, short teeth, chipped teeth, and stained teeth are all problems that can be resolved with porcelain veneers. The veneers – or for a less-invasive option, Lumineers – are applied over your existing teeth giving you a brand new, straight, perfect smile.
  • Are you blinding people with the number of silver fillings in your mouth? Are your teeth cracked or dark because of unsightly fillings? Tooth-colored fillings – also known as porcelain inlays or onlays – will correct that less-than-bright smile and have you throwing your head back to laugh again without worrying what others will see.
  • The fastest way to renew your aging, stained smile is with one-hour professional teeth whitening. Quick, long-lasting, and effective, in-office whitening is convenient enough that you can have it done on your lunch hour or just in time for that special date or meeting.

A new wardrobe can represent your personal aesthetic, a fancy car can imply that you have wealth, but the one element that you have with you at all times to represent who you are is your smile. Make sure yours shows off exactly the kind of person you are – take care of your grin with a smile makeover. Contact Sherman Oaks Dentistry to learn about our new patient special and consult with Dr. Harold Perlaza about the cosmetic dentistry procedures that are right for your needs.