You might consider dental implants as a modern alternative to bridges or dentures, which used to be the only solution for missing teeth. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss due to injury or even tooth decay and gingivitis. If you are suffering from an extreme case where you experience whole tooth loss, then dental implants are the most modern and natural tooth replacement available for you. Dental implants replace your tooth root, an they are set in the bone to provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth which will completely match your natural teeth in look, shape and color.

Many Advantages of dental implants may help you to decide to use them. More people every day are choosing dental implants over dentures and bridges to get back their smile:

1. Improved oral health

Dental implants aren’t like bridges that call for reducing or shaping neighboring teeth. Nearby teeth are not altered and are left intact, so long-term oral health is not impacted. You will also experience easier access next to individual implants, making flossing and brushing easier nearby.

2. Durability and reliability

Dental implants will last many to several years, and with proper care they can last your lifetime. Make sure you commit to maintaining your smile, and care for your teeth, and they will reward you with years of service. Porcelain crowns will be affixed to the abutment of the dental implant to serve as your new teeth. They will be shaped just like your old teeth and will be just as strong.

3. Improved comfort and convenience

Your dental implants are attached and permanent, becoming a part of you. They are completely natural-feeling and shaped like your real teeth, and unlike dentures they don’t give you any discomfort after you are healed. You’ll never need to excuse yourself from dinner to reglue your teeth after they’ve come unhinged in your mouth like dentures could. Your teeth will forever be securely in place.

4. Improved speech

Dentures can be unruly and not quite fit right, so they can slip and slide and cause you to slur and even mumble your words. Dental implants feel as natural as your own teeth, and do not cause any new problems with movement or blockage in the mouth.

5. Improved appearance

Unlike dentures, implants are fused to your bone, and are nearly exact replacements of your teeth. They can also be made to look exectly like your teeth, making it look as though you never lost them.

6. Eating is a breeze

You will never have to worry about whether the food you choose will make your teeth slide or be difficult to chew. It’s like having your own teeth back. With dentures, your adhesive could fail, or food could slip or you could experience pain with eating.

7. Self-esteem

You’ll be proud to smile again! Dental implants will give you back your smile and confidence will return as you feel better and better about yourself every day. You’ll never have to worry about whether your teeth are in or looking bad.

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