If you’re still going to a dentist who takes film X-Rays, you’re not getting any of the benefits of modern dentistry!

We don’t actually use full-head X-Rays, but they are highly recognizeable

The use of digital X-Rays, or radiography, greatly increases a dentist’s ability to evaluate the health of your teeth in record time. Not only can a dentist like Dr. Perlaza, who uses the latest technology like instant X-Rays, help you more efficiently, but he can save you money and time by knowing exactly what’s wrong with you right away. It’s also more likely that a dentist who offers instant X-Rays will update and maintain all of his equipment for the best possible offering of dental care while keeping his staff up to date on the latest procedures and practices so that you can rest assured you receive the best possible dental care available.

X-Ray Diagnoses
Dentist’s can see all kinds of problems with digital X-Rays

Digital radiography opens up a whole new world of diagnostic capabilities, providing benefits such as immediate availability, legibility and portability. But watch out, because even today, some dentists are still using old, analog, film X-Rays, and aren’t taking advantage of today’s technological breakthroughs – and they’re probably skimping in other areas too! Stick with a dog that can learn new tricks, and, in fact one who even teaches modern dentistry at U.C.L.A: Dr. Harold Perlaza. At Sherman Oaks Dentistry, we keep up with and even set the modern trends in today’s dentistry.

1. Digital X-Rays provide accurate images that are easier to read, share, and understand

With instant on-screen images, the days of closely examining hard to read film are over. The film process had many problems like dirt specs and pinholes, and often bad chemistry that made it hard to read.

2. They save you dental office visit time and money

Your dentist can more accurately and quickly asses the health of your mouth, and get right to healing. Plus you don’t have to pay for expensive chemistry or even make a second visit just to get results.

3. The film process is the old way, and harmful to the environment

The film process does not help patients see what dentists see in the X-Rays. It is an outdated process with many unnecessary and environmentally harmful processes and steps. The film process hurts the environment and wastes everyone’s time.

4. Digital X-Rays help everyone

Having crystal-clear, immediately available, up-close, digital images makes it easy for patients to see exactly what’s wrong with them, and visually reenforces what they’re doing right and doing wrong, and which teeth need a patient’s attention on a daily basis. Instant digital X-Rays completely eliminate quality issues that arise from chemical processing. Images are more consistent and useful.

5. Patients are more comfortable, involved, and happier

Instant X-Rays provide improved patient comfort. You won’t have to wait any time at all for results, and you can get right into your cleaning, consultation or procedure and out the door. You can see exactly what the dentist sees, and you’ll be more comfortable really knowing what needs to be done since you can see it.


*Besides the health of your teeth, a dentist can also see problems with your jaw bones or even your gums and tissue surrounding your teeth.

“Don’t hesitate to contact us about any concerns you may have about your next visit! My staff and I are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about any other dental or safety procedures.”

— Dr. Harold Perlaza, Sherman Oaks Dentistry – Where Smiles Change Every Day™

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