Toothbrushes are an essential part of a daily routine; there would be no brushing and floss without them. As the environment degrades, more people are taking on being ecological, which means choosing great alternatives to normal plastic toothbrushes. That way, they help and protect the environment.

Daily, thousands of toothbrushes are being disposed of. Hence, it’s important to find sustainable brands making ecological toothbrushes to reduce said disposition. Continue reading to know more about these four great brands and how to get yours immediately.


If the name EcoRoots sounds familiar, it’s only due to their popularity as a zero-waste cleaning brand. This Colorado-based brand is focused on assisting clients with filling their homes with things that aren’t plastic. Ecoroots toothbrushes are among the most popular in the market. Its style is minimalistic, and the sole goal of eco roots is to reduce the number of toothbrushes in the world.

The Other Straw

The Other Straw reexamined and reinvented what a bamboo toothbrush is. Their toothbrushes are maintainable, convenient, and longer-enduring. Their toothbrush has a detachable brush head, so you can reduce as much waste as possible by supplanting the head when needed. Besides, their Bamboo is certified by the FSC, and the entirety of their orders are carbon-neutral and zero waste.

Brush With Bamboo

In 2015, Brush with Bamboo aided, prepared and paved the way for all sustainable oral care known right now. For several years, they held the title of “the world’s sole plant-based toothbrush.” They’ve become a recognized name and have been included in a few zero waste magazines such as consumer reports, cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue.

Brush with Bamboo is kids’ and adults’ favorite toothbrush. Come along with bristles made of 100% castor bean oil—a rate developed over the years as the brand has tried to become far more sustainable to everyone.

The Humble Co’s

This brand, founded in 2013, became famous with its phrase “there is no planet B.” They partnered with an NGO called Humble Smile Foundation and have been helping 37+ countries and those in need of proper oral care products. Their eco-friendly toothbrush is the favored choice of adults and children of all ages. Besides, they have many colors to choose from, and all toothbrushes are biodegradable.

Quick, Get Your Ecological Toothbrushes ASAP!

At Sherman Oaks, we understand that mother earth needs our help. We’re a very ecological dentist spot. With us, you can say goodbye to expensive toothbrushes. Instead, we present you with alternatives to preserve our world. Get dentistry services with us, and you’ll be closer to helping the environment. Join the ecological dentistry movement.