When you tell your friends and family that you’re getting clear braces, they’ll tell you about their own teeth-straightening experiences. It’s natural for people to share their experiences, but horror stories should be treated with a grain of salt. Today’s braces are smaller, more streamlined, and far more comfortable than they were in the past.

#1. People Will Ask You Questions

People are interested in experiences, incredibly if they aren’t satisfied with their smile. Your friends who haven’t started an orthodontic treatment may wonder, “How much do braces cost?” What is the name of your orthodontist? How long do you think you’ll have to put them on? Do braces cause discomfort?

#2. Others Will Notice Them

As previously stated, some will want to know about your orthodontic treatment. While your braces can be apparent during your first week with them, you’ll be surprised that, aside from the curious few, the majority of people won’t notice them. 

You could have beautiful, straight teeth without using metal braces. Clear correct braces are undetectable. They are constructed of translucent plastic and are placed directly over your teeth, and will give a cleaner look to your smile.

#3. It Is Normal To Talk Funny 

You must become used to wearing braces in your mouth. You may lisp or may speak differently at first. Within a few days, your speech should return to normal.

This is also true when you begin Invisalign therapy. One of the best first-week braces advice is to speak as much as possible. Read aloud, talk with pals on the phone, and sing along to your favorite tunes. 

Get A Beautiful Smile With Sherman Oaks Dentistry

Sherman Oaks Dentistry has years of experience crafting gorgeous smiles in Sherman Oaks. We know that your dental care is critical, and that is why we provide the best solutions to provide you with perfect teeth, so you feel confident and healthy.

Our clear braces are custom-made for each patient. People won’t know you’re wearing clear correct braces because the plastic is fully clear and makes the braces invisible. Clear braces are far more comfortable and easier to wear since they are custom-fitted.